Puppy Show - Saturday 4th July

We were very lucky with the weather on Saturday and everyone was able to enjoy the afternoon in glorious sunshine. It was lovely to see so many people turn out in good haymaking weather! We offer our thanks to Mr & Mrs Brian Turner for allowing their adjacent field to be used for parking which was a great asset.

Well done and thanks to Masters George and Lizzie for hosting the show, with special thanks to Stephen for making an excellent job of showing hounds and to Steve Smith for his much appreciated help. Hounds looked well and happy and obviously enjoyed the party too - with only one Harrier showing off their skill of jumping for freedom!

We offer our grateful thanks to all the kind people who donated food, and particularly the ladies who stepped in to help set it out. Chanelle and helpers had worked hard to get everything laid out in preparation for tea before having to fly off to her granddaughters birthday party! She was back later though and was a true professional with the tea pot! There was a magnificent spread and everyone enjoyed a delicious, traditional afternoon tea and we hope everyone enjoyed it.

Barbara was 'selling' Hound Sponsorship and did a remarkable job (despite having one eye on the showing - where her puppies did very well, so our thanks for doing the job and congratulations to her too!) There are just a few hounds left to be sponsored if anyone is interested? Please ring Barbara on 01643 705924.

Well done also to Liz Lionet for being the only person to place the hounds in the correct order of the Coloured Ribbons judging competition - thanks to our two lady judges Ms Felicita Busby MFH and Mrs Eve Webber for selecting these hounds.

For a change we held a barbecue after the Puppy Show and thanks to our Chairman, Brian Palmer for cooking the burgers. Thanks also to George Winter who had a steady flow of custom throughout the afternoon and into the evening running the bar - his skill in mixing Pimms is becoming legendary!

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves!